World Poker Tour (WPT)

WPT's Real 'Deal'

Being the second most prestigious poker competition in the world, the World Poker Tour (WPT) enjoys immense popularity. The competition was first launched in the United States half-a-decade ago by television producer Steven Lipscomb, who is now the CEO of WPT Enterprises, the company that controls the WPT. Today, competition events are held in different countries all across the globe with the most prominent poker professionals traveling the world to take part. The competition is sponsored primarily by online poker rooms and casinos.

Seeking to capitalize on the World Poker Tour's incredible prominence and give the competition even further glory, Hollywood movie producer Michael Arata has decided to create a poker movie featuring popular actor Burt Reynolds, as well as other stars such as Bret Harrison and Shannon Elizabeth. Although 'Deal' is not going to be the first or the only poker movie to become available, with such memorable classics as 'The Rounders'(1998) being already out there, this particular poker flick is going to feature a special attraction. It is going to have a fictional World Poker Tour competition as its background. According to 'Deal's makers, the WPT setting is intended to add an unprecedented quality to the movie.


'Deal' is going to tell the story of Tommy (Burt Reynolds), a veteran poker player, who takes on the job of tutoring Alex (Brett Harrison), an arrogant college student who seeks to become a poker pro. Tommy's goal is to teach Alex all the tricks of the trade. While Tommy and Alex get along at first, they are ultimately destined to have a bitter fall out resulting in a confrontation. Eventually, Tommy will have Alex as an opponent during the World Poker Tour championships. While the story does not sound as interesting as one would like it to be, 'Deal' is very likely to bring big crowds to the theaters.


Beyond having Reynolds as the protagonist and featuring other well-known actors such as sexy Shannon Elizabeth, the gorgeous foreign exchange student from the 'American Pie' movies, 'Deal's cast will also include a selection of real-life poker experts such as Phil Laak, Antonio Esfandiari, Greg Raymer and Chris Moneymaker. World Poker Tour hosts Mike Sexton, Vince Van Patten and former commentator Courtney Friel will play themselves. Gil Gates Jr. will direct the film.


Interestingly enough, the film's female protagonist, Shannon Elizabeth, is no stranger to the world of professional poker play. Elizabeth was reported as saying that poker has been her second career. She visits Las Vegas on a regular basis and competes against America's most accomplished poker pros. Elizabeth cashed four times in the 2006 and 2007 World Series of Poker, but was eliminated out of the Main event early. In 2007, she entered the semi-finals of the NBC National Heads-up Poker Championship, competing against such prominent opponents as Jeff Madsen and Humberto Brenes.


The film's makers are yet to officially announce when 'Deal' will hit the theaters, but you can count on us to inform you when they finally do...'Cuz when it's about the WPT we are always